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International safeguards initiatives can help in different ways to support the development and strengthening of a country safeguards approach.  

The REDD+ SES Initiative provides particular support for:

  • Effective stakeholder participation in the development and implementation of the country safeguards approach, through guidance on managing multi-stakeholder processes and building capacity to facilitate participation of a full range of stakeholders including those that are marginalized and vulnerable such as indigenous peoples, local communities and women.


  • Country-specific interpretation of safeguards, through the REDD+ SES international best-practice standard that break down safeguards into a comprehensive set of key elements in a principle, criteria and indicator framework that can be used as an input to build consensus on the detailed goals of the country safeguards approach


  • Development of a safeguards information system, through guidance on a participatory approach to develop a system that provides credible and comprehensive information that can be used both to build support and attract finance to the REDD+ strategy and action plan, as well as to improve its design and implementation.


Other safeguards initiatives support other steps and elements of the country safeguards approach.

CSA inputs


  • The Strategic Environmental and Social Assessment (SESA) conducted by countries participating in the Forest Carbon Partnership Facility supports an assessment of risks and opportunities of proposed REDD+ strategy options to feed into the definition of the goals of the country safeguards approach. It also involves an assessment of the legal and institutional framework.


  • The Environmental and Social Management Framework (ESMF) that is a product of the SESA provides a framework for development of mitigation action plans of procedures to follow to ensure that World Bank operational policies, ‘safeguards’, are met.