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This publication presents the results of the action reasearch on gender and REDD+ carried out by the Women Environment and Development Organization in collaboration with the REDD+ SES Initiative. The publication is composed of two parts:


gender report


Booklet 1 - Lessons learned from action research describes the development of the action research project, the methodology and process of the action research, the baselines developed in each of the 4 countries, the steps to design a gender sensitive strategy or program, and the research outcomes.

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gender research 2


Booklet 2 – Actions Steps for National REDD+ Programs summarizes the action research, and contains three distinct action checklists:
1. Essential actions to develop a gender sensitive REDD+ Program 
2. Actions to address the gender components of the REDD+ SES Principles, Criteria, and Indicators  
3. Actions to develop a gender responsive country-level interpretation of Indicators
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Published in June 2013